Welcome! I’m Nicholas A. Ledyard, the founder of DC Paper Arts LLC. At this site you can find available work, images of previous work, and hopefully much more in the future.

I began cutting paper in high school, and the image to the right is a self portrait made during my junior year of high school, modeled after a work by Piet Mondrian.

Since high school, most of my paper cutting has been done through creating greeting cards that I would send to friends and family. I would occasionally create portraits or other pieces, but it wasn’t until the pandemic of 2020 that I returned to creating for form rather than creating for function.

Currently, I make a range of works. There are machine cut pieces, hand cut designs and creations, commissioned works as well as greeting cards available in my shop. I make maps, portraits, landscapes, and more, all inspired by pop art and impressionist movements. I aspire to illustrate a series of children’s books, so be on the lookout for original art featuring Gavin and Gertrude, a young bee and an old spider who become unlikely friends.